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Aircraft Electrical Parts Manufacturers

Advanced Aircraft Electronics – El Cajon, CA (SEE) – Advanced Aircraft Electronics offers an antenna set for your aircraft that will surpass all other antennas.

Advanced Technical Group – Miami Lakes, FL (OPF) – Advanced Technical Group is a ISO 9001:2008 certified Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions Provider.

Aegis Power Systems, Inc. – Murphy, NC (RHP) – We design and manufacture rugged and high-reliability power supplies for custom and standard applications. Our company specializes in custom units with unusual specifications and high complexity.

AeroBatteries – Tyler, TX (TYR) – You can trust for the Ultimate Performance Battery for all your needs!

Aeromaoz – Kibbutz Yavne, Israel – Aeromaoz develops, manufactures and markets ruggedized HMI and control system for Commercial & Military applications Aeromaoz is a world leader in ruggedized HMI and control system.

Aerospace Lighting Corporation – Holbrook, NY – Is a world leader in aircraft interior lighting

AeroSpectra Inc. – Boulder, CO (BDU) – Developers of pocket, hand held, and portable instruments and systems.

AirBorn, Inc. – Georgetown, TX – Founded in 1958, AirBorn began manufacturing electronic connectors for the military and aerospace industries. Throughout the years, our customer base expanded to include commercial applications in fields such as medical technology and commercial aviation.

ALF Enterprises, INC – Phoenix, AZ – A.L.F. Enterprises Inc. is a contract manufacturer specializing in the design, manufacture and repair of electronic and electro-mechanical products. We serve the aerospace industry with products for ground support equipment for both commercial and military applications.

American Aerospace Controls – Farmingdale, NY – We are a company dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of electrical transducers for high reliability defense, aerospace and space flight applications

American Connector Corporation – Renton, WA – manufacturing of connectors to standard or special specifications

Aviation Instrument Technology, Inc. – Zephyrhills, FL (ZPH) – AITI is a world leader in the design, development and production of instruments, control panels and displays for military, commercial and industrial applications.

Behlman Electronics – Hauppauge, NY (ISP) – a world class provider of the highest quality Standard, Modified Standard, Custom and COTS AC Power Sources, Frequency Converters, Inverters, DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC, and Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS) for commercial, industrial and military mission-critical applications.

C & H Technologies, Inc. – Round Rock, TX (EDC) – At present C&H has nearly 100 products in VXI, PXI, IP, M Module and Ethernet. Emphasis has been on sources and carriers so as to allow the company to provide platform independent instruments.

Cable Prep – Chester, CT (SNC) – Our mission is to provide the best tools for installing telecommunications systems, and we offer a full product line that includes stripping, coring, crimping, cutting, and cleaning tools for drop-cable, hard-line, fiber, and wireless applications.

Calumet Electronics Corp. – Calumet, MI (CMX) – Manufacturing mission-critical printed circuit boards since 1968!

Capcon Intl, Inc. – Inwood, NY (LGA) – Capcon has provided industry with proven solutions for EMI/RFI/Microwave problems. Our Microwave Absorbers, in flexible sheet and tubular form are very effective in high frequency applications.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies – St. Augustine, FL (SGJ) – Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high performance wire and cable including optical fiber.

Charter Engineering, Inc. – Pinellas Park, FL (PIE) – – a leading manufacturer of precision electromechanical switches and components. Established in 1990, CEI is committed to providing high quality electromechanical switches for the commercial, military, and wireless industries.

Concorde Battery Corporation – West Covina, CA (EMT) – Concorde manufactures VRSLA avionics & emergency aircraft batteries offering models used for lighting, emergency power, and glass panel applications. OEM Supplier to several airframe manufacturers.

Crouzet – Coppell, TX (DFW) – With more than 50 years of presence in the aerospace market, Crouzet Aerospace is a specialist providing customized solutions for electromechanical switches, inductive sensors, electrical protection and cockpit equipment backed up by a loyal and experienced team of experts available worldwide.

Cryotech – Fort Madison, IA (FSW) – A world leader in acetate technology, Cryotech manufactures and markets environmentally compatible acetate-based highway, commercial and airport runway deicers. Acetates are considered safe for the environment because they readily biodegrade and exhibit low toxicity to vegetation and aquatic life.

CTS Electronics Manufacturing Solutions – Moorpark, CA (SZP) – CTS Corporation is an innovative designer and manufacturer of sensors and actuators, and electronic components. We have manufacturing operations located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Day-Ray Productions, Inc. – South Pasadena, CA (EMT) – Day-Ray designs and manufactures aerospace electrical power systems and products that focus on safety, innovation, and value. Day-Ray serves the aerospace and defense markets with innovative battery chargers, power supplies, transformers, electric motors, and lighting systems.

dB Systems, Inc. – Hurricane, UT (1L8) – An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that designs, produces, tests, and delivers quality, high performance Air Navigation and Aircraft Landing System antennas, as well as a variety of other custom antenna systems.

DFW Instrument Corporation – Carrollton, TX – DFW specializes in aircraft instrument repairs and overhauls with capabilities that range from service for general aviation, corporate aviation, commercial, military, police and government contracts. If you have a need to purchase factory new or overhauled equipment, DFW manages and supports all avionics and instrument part sales.

Dontech, Inc. – Doylestown, PA (DYL) – Dontech, Inc. designs and manufactures optical filters, components and precision optics used to enhance the optical performance and function of electronic displays, camera, sensor, and laser systems used in Aerospace applications.

DornerWorks – Grand Rapids, MO (08C) – DornerWorks is a premier provider of electronic engineering services for the aerospace, medical, automotive, and industrial markets.

EaglePicher Technologies, LLC – Joplin, MO – Our batteries incorporate sophisticated battery management systems with adaptive algorithms that allow the battery system to “learn” how the system is performing in the vehicle, and then optimize it.

Electromech Technologies – Wichita, KS (POC) – Founded in 1968, Electromech Technologies is a custom design and manufacturing facility specializing in electromechanical equipment. Electromech Technologies has the design, testing, manufacturing, and overhaul capabilities to meet virtually all original equipment and aftermarket aerospace and defense specifications.

EMP Connectors – Torrance, CA (TOA) – Located in Santa Ana, California, EMP supplies customers throughout the world with the highest quality products that meet or exceed all military and customer specifications. Our extensive facility is fully equipped to meet stringent quality and delivery demands.

Enersys – Reading, PA (RDG) – At EnerSys, we’ve designed batteries that can meet the demands of aircrafts and helicopters. Superior power and performance, aerobatic operation, and virtually maintenance-free battery designs are just a few of the advantages that pilots can count on from EnerSys.

E-T-A Circuit Breakers – Mount Prospect, IL (PWK) – E-T-A’s well-proven, sophisticated aircraft circuit breakers protect cables and loads in all kinds of aircraft. Whether you are looking for Mil Spec standard parts, customer-specific products or custom designed power distribution systems, E-T-A offers a wide range of solutions for the aerospace industry to ensure the best possible protection while at the same time reducing the weight and cost of your design.

GlobalSpec, Inc. – Troy, NY (ALB) – Built for engineers, provides instant access to over 590,000 electrical, mechanical and optical components.

Hanover Technical Sales – Battery Park, VA (PHF) – Hanover specializes in equipment, software and services which empower in- dustry, utilities, government, military, institutional and commercial sites to re- duce energy costs, improve power quality and system/personnel safety.

HiRel Connectors Inc – Claremont, CA (CCB) – We Manufacture the Worlds Most Reliable Electrical Connection Systems. Truly Self-Locking Plugs and Backshells, Environmental, Hermetic, Filtered, Cable Assemblies, High Density, Micro Circular, Micro-D

Hoffman Engineering Corp. – Stamford, CT (HPN) – Our lights are manufactured to the exacting standards Hoffman has been well known for. Hoffman Engineering offers state of the art LED lighting to meet the demanding needs of industry. Hoffman Engineering has been innovative in producing direct replacement LED bulbs where the specifications call for exacting standards.

ICE Corporation – Manhattan, KS (MHK) – Founded in 1973, ICE began the quest for superior electronic design and performance in every product we produce. Our pursuit of excellence has propelled us to a position of international recognition in the field of precision controls.

Integrated Electronics Limited – Middlesex, United Kingdom – Integrated Electronics is a specialist electronics total solutions provider. Specialising in cable assembly, PCB and electronic product assembly, we assist many clients across a broad range of industries, including industrial electronics, automotive, medical, defence and professional leisure.

Lee Air – Wichita, KS (71K) – Aircraft manufactures around thw rold turn to Lee Air for components – and idea – that solve problems, cut costs, meet or exceed design requirements… and generally make their own products better. In addition to being an FAA designated repair station, we specialize in controllers, printed circuit board assemblies and other electronic components for both civilian and military applications.

Liberty Electronics, Inc. – Franklin, PA (FKL) – We specialize in manufacturing electronic wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, complete cabinet and panel assemblies and electro-mechanical assemblies.

Light Sources, Inc. – Orange, CT (HVN) – In addition to providing high-quality standard lamps and components, we specialize in customizing the best-possible lighting solution or lamp technology to meet our partner’s unique requirements.

LynuxWorks – San José, CA (SJC) – LynuxWorks’ leadership position in military and aerospace systems is solid and long-standing. Offering the most inherently secure and reliable design of virtually any COTS embedded operating system, LynuxWorks™ operating systems are proven every day in an array of mission-critical embedded applications and technology programs:

Magnetic Technology – McKinney, TX (TKI) – Our company is a woman owned electronics and manufacturing company specializing in DC-DC Converters, AC-DC Power Supplies, Filters, Transformers and Inductors for Aerospace, Military and Medical, POWER, COMMUNICATIONS, INSTRUMENTATION, and CONTROL products.

Micro Precision Test Equipment – Grass Valley, CA – Micro Precision Test Equipment offers used and refurbished test equipment and calibration. Multimeters, Power Supplies, Oscilloscopes, and amplifiers from different manufacturer. Call 1-530-268-1860 for assistance.

MIDCON Cables – Joplin, MO (JLN) – Our team is focused to be your source of business advantage for organized, flat, flex wiring and value added interconnection products designed to address the needs of today’s ever shrinking electronics packaging requirements. Since 1972, MIDCON Cables has served the Aerospace & Defense markets.

Mid-Continent Instruments – Wichita, KS – For more than 45 years, Mid-Continent Instruments has been an industry leader in the overhaul/exchange, repair, design and manufacturing of aircraft instruments and avionics.

Multi/Cable Corporation – Bristol, CT (4B8) – Multi/Cable’s extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to be able to meet the needs of virtually any electrical wire and cable application. Our products can be found everywhere, from the wiring in electrical devices to the site of Boston’s Big Dig project.

Multilayer Prototypes Inc. – Newbury Park, CA (CMA) – a quality focused organization that specializes in quick-turn prototype Printed Circuit Board fabrication. We also offer a wide variety of other related services including PCB layout and design, medium and high volume fabrication, and assembly.

MWS Wire Industries – Westlake Village, CA (CMA) – MWS Wire Industries, with headquarters in Westlake Village, California, USA, inventories more than 50,000 Magnet and Specialty wires along with production facilities for drawing, shaping, serving, twisting and insulating of wire for high-technology users worldwide.


Niborex, Inc – Tampa, FL (TPA) – borex, Inc, a privately held company based in Tampa, Florida is a industry leading consulting firm and developer of software for handheld devices.

Omnetics Connector Corporation – Minneapolis, MN (MIC) – A worldwide designer and manufacturer of micro and nano miniature interconnect products, featuring COTS, Standards and Custom connectors for industries such as Military, Aerospace, Defense, Medical and other technology oriented OEMs. Omnetics is AS9100/ISO9001 qualified.

Phoenix Aerospace – Kansas City, MO (MKC) – Phoenix Aerospace, Inc., is a world class leader in airborne power conversion, distribution and regulation equipment. Our vast family of silicon solid state equipment has been accepted and used worldwide by leading airframe manufacturers for over a quarter of a century.

Piezo Systems, Inc. – Woburn, MA (BED) – Piezo Systems offers a wide variety of piezoelectric materials, transducers and drive electronics, as well as piezoelectric engineering services and OEM component development.

Pioneer Magnetics – Santa Monica, CA (SMO) – Pioneer Magnetics is dedicated to providing high-quality value-added AC-DC, DC-DC, rectifier and inverter switchmode power supplies, power systems and engineering support to OEM companies as well as to the end user.

Pointer, Inc. – Tempe, AZ – Pointer, Inc. is a manufacturer of aircraft Emergency Locator Transmitters, (ELT), and associated antenna systems.

Radiant Power Corp. – Sarasota, FL – With nearly 100,000 units in service, Radiant Power Corporation is one of the world’s best known designers and manufacturers of custom power supplies, inverters and lighting controls for aviation applications. Radiant’s emergency egress power systems are aviation’s most widely used egress lighting systems (over 65,000 units in service) and are installed on all Boeing 737-300, 737-400, 737-500, 747-400, 767-200, 767-300, 757-200, 757-300, Bombardier CRJ, McDonnell Douglas DC 9, MD-80 and Embraer 135 & 145 aircraft. Over the last 20 years, Radiant’s products have compiled an outstanding service record, with many products realizing documented MTBFs in excess of 100,000 flight hours.

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. – LaFox, IL (DPA) – Founded in 1947, Richardson Electronics, Ltd. (NASDAQ: RELL) has a rich and unique history of engineering, manufacturing and distributing power grid and microwave tubes and related consumables, and customized display solutions.

RUSSTECH Engineering Company, Inc – Irvine, CA (SNA) – a leading specialist manufacturer / supplier serving the aerospace, military, transportation, and electronic industries. Our current scope of supply is the design and manufacture of precision electromechanical components, electrical wiring assemblies, light weight connector backshells as well as tooling for the Aerospace and commercial Industries.

Sierra Assembly Technology, Inc. – Riverside, CA (RIR) – As a contract manufacturer of high technology electronic assemblies, Sierra Assembly provides a full range of manufacturing and engineering services.

Specialty Cable Corporation – Wallingford, CT (MMK) – A leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance electrical wire and cable products. We engineer and construct high-quality wire and cable in our modern facility. Our engineering expertise and broad manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce cables for exacting specifications, hostile environments, extreme temperatures and other demanding applications.

Standard Wire & Cable Co. – Rancho Dominguez, CA (CPM) – We design, engineer & manufacture military, commercial, industrial electronic & electrical wire & cable

TE Connectivity – Aerospace, Defense, & Marine – Harrisburg, PA (CXY) – Electrical components, connectors, relays, power management, wire & cable supporting commercial aerospace and avionics.

TE Wire & Cable – Saddle Brook, NJ (TEB) – Our patented pre-made thermocouple assemblies are designed for demanding high temperature aerospace autoclave applications. In use across the industry, AccuClave Series products deliver a proven ROI in labor savings, ease of installation/replacement, simple TRAC traceability and reduced non-conformances.

Telephonics Corporation – Farmingdale, NY (FRG) – Telephonics Corporation, a world leader in fully integrated, advanced sensor and communication systems technology serving Aerospace, Defense and Commercial markets. Whether it is in the air, on the sea, or on the ground, our electronic systems are on board to ensure the safety and security of thousands of military personnel and civilians worldwide.

Touch International – Austin, TX (AUS) – Touch International specializes in touch screen displays for the aerospace industry and was the first manufacturer to build specialized touch screens for commercial airplanes.

Vista Manufacturing, Inc. – Elkhart, IN (EKM) – the premier name in LED lighting products, incandescent lighting products, rope lighting, and custom LED panels for over 30 years.

Wamco, Inc. – Costa Mesa, CA (SNA) – From every Boeing aircraft to every GM vehicle, Wamco has earned an unmatched reputation for providing a diverse range of lighting solutions to an extensive array of worldwide industries.

Whelen Engineering Company – Chester, CT (SNC) – Whelen remains the industry leader in FAA approved aviation lighting products. If you’re buying Whelen, you can be assured of a quality, FAA approved product, proudly manufactured in America.

Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. – Chester, CT (GON) – Strobe Lights, Position Light Assemblies, Interior & Cockpit Lights, Landing & Recognition Lights, Self Contained Assemblies, Power Supplies, Helicopter Sirens & Speakers

Woven Electronics – Simpsonville, SC (GYH) – ounded in 1963, Woven Electronics combines an innovative and knowledgeable engineering team with a versatile and reliable manufacturing group. The result is a resource for military, aerospace, and commercial customers to engage for cable harness, backshell and connector design expertise and product manufacturing.

XeVision – Ogden, UT (OGD) – We are the company with standard 35, 50, and 75 watt HID pulsing capable systems. Manufactured using premium quality D1S bulbs, XeVision proprietary ballasts, and metal reflectors. Designed and assembled in USA.

Zippertubing Co. – Chandler, AZ (CHD) – We offer versatile cable management systems, thermal barriers, EMI/RFI shielding, heat shrink, and a broad range of custom harness designs for aerospace applications.

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