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Aircraft Models

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Aircraft Model Kits and Plans Sale of Gemini Jets, Starjets, Herpa Wings, Dragon Wings, Jet-X, Aeroclassics aircraft models.

Aeropoxy Handcrafted, limited edition resin kits of Yugoslav military aircraft. An online shop with airplane/aircraft plastic scale model kits, produced mainly by ex-USSR manufacturers.

Aircraft In Miniature Limited 1:72 cast resin and completely pre-cut vacform kits with injection moulded intakes and jet pipes, cast metal landing gear, etched brass parts, and high quality decals.

Airfix Model kits.

Airline Boutique This on-line store for airline enthusiasts offers Herpa Wings, Gemini Jets, Long Prosper and Flight Miniatures airplane models.

Aircraft Travel agency style models, plastic/anap-fit desktop models, diecast models, and custom made handcrafted mahogany airplane models.

The Airplane Shop Large selection of aircraft models, aviation videos, accessories, and gift items.

All Points Hobbies Military, private and commercial unassembled scale plastic model kits. Revell, Airfix, Testors, Accurate Miniatures, Academy, Tamiya, and more.

Arizona Model Aircrafters Specializes in precision manufacturing of scale model airplane replicas and museum quality full-size replicas of any aircraft from the da Vinci Flying Machine & Wright Brothers Flyer through the X35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Atlantic Models Poly-urethane models catered primarily to the commercial aviation market. Producer of desk top sizes from the 1/200 to the 1/32 scales, large custom displays, mock ups, as well as models used in lab testing and litigation. Featuring Atlantic Models, Gemini Jets, and Star Jets.

Collect-Aire Models Specializing in bringing to the modeler and collector the finest in rare, custom made unbuilt model kits of subject matter that is unlikely to be produced by other companies.

Classic Airplane Models A site for the nostalgia buff who loves radial engine classic airplanes of the 30’s and 40’s. Plans available for a number of aircraft.

Collectors Aircraft Models Worldwide mail order service for aircraft models. Mirror site.

Diverse Images A range of scale pewter historic aircraft.

Domains Unlimited Aviation Hobby Shop Military and commercial aircraft models, aviation model mailing list.

eModels A UK shop offering model kits, paints, and tools, as well as RC, diecast, books and DVDs.

Executive Display Desktop Models Purchase models by Dragon, Gemini Jets, Herpa, Armour, Corgi, Jet-X. Scale plastic models for sale.

Flytechnic Design and manufacture of classic construction kits in balsa wood and plywood. They ” use a system based on the simplicity of construction, ease of interpretation of plans and manuals, strength and lightness of aircraft through meticulous design work and extensive testing of prototypes. Kits include all necessary accessories for construction, 1:1 scale plans, and a manual with step-by-step photos and decorative stickers.

FoxPlanes A model airplane web site devoted to model airplane collectors.

Free Model Airplane Plans A free, user supported site.

Hannants International mail order of plastic model kits and accessories.

Heavykits Big 1:72 scale vacform model aircraft kits.

Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH Manufacturer of miniature models.

HobbyTerra This Ukrainian site offers plastic model kits from former-USSR manufacturers.

Just Kits & Models This UK-based site provides plastic model kits, mainly aircraft models as well as military and road vehicles, figures, maritime vessels, and dioramas.

Kits Discount A variety of kits for EU or export customers.

kits-kits An aviation model kit site for Airfix, Revell, Frog, Hasegawa, Italeri, Esci, and Merit kits of all different scales. Includes a kit model photo gallery and kit reviews.

Mini Wings High quality plastic snap-fit commercial airline models at affordable prices.

Minicraft Model Kits Aviation (and other) kit models.

Minor General Aviation, Ltd. MGA Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and sales of Russian general aviation products, including desktop and radio controlled models.

Mister Kit An italian aircraft kit specialist.

The Model Catalogue An online hobby store specialising in plastic kit models from Airfix and Revell, and paints and accessories from Humbrol, Revell, and Microscale. Free newsletter and web tools also. Based in the UK but selling worldwide.

Model Design Construction Fine scale models, conversions, and accessories. Worldwide mail order service.

Modelair Solid fuselage models manufactured in Penrith, Australia.

Modelcraft Manufacturer of scale plastic model kits.

Modelkits Direct Discount Tamiya model kits, radio controlled cars and accessories.

Modelmasters Online This resource for scale modelers includes aircraft models.

Model Zone A UK online shop selling everything model related from RC models to aircraft model kits.

MPM Ltd. Plastic model kits in various scales. A range of Ventura kits and decals. All kits are short run injection moulded and include decals and metal accessory parts as necessary.

OzMods Scale Models An Australian manufacturer and marketer of detailed scale model construction kits and conversion sets. Many product photos, updates of new products, and news of forthcoming items.

Pacific Coast Models An importing/distributing company specializing in items of the Italian Air Force and Italian Army, as well as items dealing with the world’s other military forces.

Parabellum 1/48 scale military models. Birmingham, UK.

Plastic Model Airplanes Selling model airplane kits such as Airfix, Revell, RC model airplanes, RC Helicopters and Mini RC Helicopters.

retrotoys2004 A site with aviation and military collectables, including diecast and plastic kits. Stocked manufacturers include Airfix, Corgi Diecast, Forces Of Valor, Hobby Master, and coming soon: Witty Wings, Century Wings. The site accepts multiple currencies.

Robs Hobbies and Toys Plastic model kits, diecast model airplanes.

Ryan’s Aviation World A shop offering scale models for sale, located in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Aims to be a cyclopedia of scale model planes with plans, drawings, and blueprints for famous aircraft. Find nice planes and other flying machines from the early days of aviation until nowadays.

S.T.O.R.M. Miniature modelling site.

Warsaw Model Center An online model store with scale models, figures, die cast, RC models, railway models, and more. Carrying all products from Mirage Hobby and Hasegawa (including many of the oldest Hasegawa kits.)

Desktop Display Models

Aero-Nautique Models Building model aircraft as well as boats, vehicles, and other specialty items for collectors worldwide. Their specialty is “customizing your actual aircraft, yacht or car from a big one to smaller one – something you can hold from your two hands.”

Aiken’s Airplanes Large selection of die-cast metal and mahogany desktop models. Also a large selection of aviation prints, kits and other aviation related collector and gift items.

Aim High Model Airplanes A Philippine manufacturer of wooden model airplanes – commercial airliners to military jets.

Aim Higher Jets Diecast and custom mahogany military aircraft models. They have bombers, fighter and attack aircraft, helicopters, recon planes, transport and trainers. Special discounts for Squadron and UPT classes. They’ll even send you photos of your completed model before it ships.

Airborne Replicas One of a kind original models hand carved from Philippine Mahogany and hand painted to your specifications.

Aircraft Collection Specializes in professionally crafted model airplane replicas which fulfill the highest standards in the industry for private and company aviation collectors. Developed more than 400 hand-crafted aeronautical models: single/multi engine, business jets, airliners, military, helicopters, and golden age classics. Selling over 1600 aviation models and items. Civil and military, aviation DVD’s, prints, posters, guides, aviation toys.

Asian Imports Hand-made and detailed civilian, commercial, and military aircraft models and plaques.

Asian Craft Model Airplanes Custom wooden models, 100% made in the Philippines, not outsourced.

Aviation Hobby Centers USA Offering a huge selection of diecast, desktop and custom built models. Many well known brands.

Aviation Models Online store with desktop and diecast models.

Aviator Models Hand carved philippine mahogany display model aircraft. Civilian, military, historical, and commercial aircraft. Custom models of your airplane with your paint scheme and tail numbers available. International shipments.

Bel-Air Models Museum quality aircraft models, handcrafted from solid perspex, polished, and airbrushed. More than 120 remarkable types have been released so far and sold to clients all over the world. Golden Age airliners are the main theme, but commissions brought military types in the collection as well.

Brucecrafts, Inc. A Philippine manufacturer of mahogany wooden aircraft models.

Chailey Lambert Silversmith Silversmith craftsman maker of one-off models in hallmarked sterling silver: aircraft, airships, heilcopters, jets, biplanes, and mono planes from the Wright Bros to a Harrier.

Cole’s Aircraft – The Aviation Art of Ron Cole Unique aviation artwork and highly detailed scale models of commercial and military aircraft.

CollectAir This site is devoted to mostly vintage aviation display models, vintage wood kits, modelling history articles, a Friend or Foe? Museum of aircraft recognition memorabilia, aviation art, and space models.

Danaeromodels A manufacturer and distributor of handmade mahogany aircraft models. Custom built, handcrafted plastic military aircraft models in 1/48 and 1/32 scale. Messerschmitt BF109 to Spitfire models to F-18 Super Hornet aircraft replicas. Custom order or purchase a model directly from the site. Visitors can browse over 12,000 pictures.

Factory Direct Models This direct source for your modeling needs, owned by former pilots, offers custom one-of-a-kind models and specializes in large display models for exhibits and museums. They have over a thousand in-stock aircraft models, plaques, ships, military vehicles, signed limited edition models, private and civilian models, space vehicles, and much more.

Flight Miniatures Cruise through one of the most extensive fleets of aircraft models in the world, approximately 600 different models representing over 200 airlines and spanning more than 60 aircraft types!

FlyteLine Models A manufactuer of crafted mahogany wood aircraft, and carrying hard to find airlines and aircraft. All models come with a custom stand that includes airline logo and a brass plate with airline name and type aircraft. Custom models also available.

Gabriel Aircraft Models This aircraft card model manufacturer offers quality kits of classic airplanes (such as the Sopwith Snipe, Albatros D-V, Wright Brothers, Spitfire, and Steerman) as well as more modern jets (such as the Mig-17, F-86, Mirage F1, and Mig-29). They have a lot of passion for what they do, and they hope to spread that passion to you.

The Hangar Model Company Custom mahogany models hand-carved and hand-painted to your specifications. Over 2,400 desktop models in stock.

Just Plane Models An airplane models, model plane, aircraft model, boat models supply company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Magellan Models Specializes in high quality museum grade models from air, land, and sea. Desktop airplane models are handcrafted and hand painted from mahogany wood. Also, precision diecast models from the best manufacturers.

Mahogany Airplane Models A selection of aviation desktop models made from handcarved mahogany wood.

Model Aces Museum quality, highly detailed scale model airplane replicas, specializing in WWII military aircraft, 1/32 and 1/48 scale. Also, commissioned airplane models to customer requirements for scale, specific markings, pilot, year, etc.

Model Aircraft Depot A selection of mahogany model airplanes.

The Model Airplane Many wooden handcrafted models available at discounted prices from a factory producer. They specialize in custom models, airline aircraft, and military aircraft.

Model Airplane Factory Makers of wood model airplanes, wooden model helicopters, and mahogany military plaques. Military models, biplanes, bush planes, space, seaplanes. A British-owned company with manufacturing facilities in the Philippines, and offering custom made and standard “off the shelf” wooden model aircraft, wooden plaques, aircraft tail shields, and aircraft “nose art” panels. run their business direct from the factory source and not through third party companies or regional trading offices.

Motion Models Large selection of custom and ready-made museum quality mahogany aircraft models.

Nick Proach Models Custom built aircraft and space ship models and scale replicas, including the Saturn V Rocket, Mercury, Gemini, Gemini Titan, Titan, Atlas, Redstone, Apollo, Lunar Module and other space ship models.

P-51 Mustang Detailed and historically accurate replicas in various scales of the P-51, all hand-made and built from the best plastic and resin accessories, providing meticulously detailed and historically accurate replicas of the Mustang. The builder is a member of the IPMS (International Plastic Modelers Society). Each aircraft is researched and an average of 20-25 hours is spent on each model.

Pacific Miniatures A wide variety of models in various sizes: desktop, cut-away, exhibit models, and special projects.

Pacmin Finder A comprehensive directory for buying the great Pacmin (Pacific Miniatures) airplane models.

Passion Crafts Premier wood models of airliners, fighters, transport, bombers, helicopters, civilian and private, golden age classics. Each model reflects the natural color and beauty of wood – high gloss, durable finish, by Vietnamese craftsmen.

Pilot’s Station Aircraft models hand-made of mahogany in the Philippines.

Replica Aircraft A manufacturer of display models selling in quantity.

Philcrafter A group of skilled Filipino wood carvers making mahogany models: military or commercial, private jets, airplanes, helicopters, as well as boats and warships. Thousands of models range from vintage fighters to the modern military planes. Specialists in custom-made aircraft models it any size and paint scheme and any design.

Saunders Aero An exclusive range of solid cast aluminium art-deco desk top aircraft models. Made in Australia and polished to a mirror finish. These models are unique given their large size – 1:24 for WWII fighters.

Scale Model Over 500 museum quality desktop scale models of airplanes and ships.

Scale Model A webshop that sells scale models from the Herpa Wings collection, for very good prices.

Scalecraft Desktop models of aircraft from World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, as well as modern military, airline and commercial, general and business aviation, experimental and prototypes, historical, racing, helicopters, space and rockets.

Showcasemodels This store for handcrafted desktop models brings you model planes and ships from the same people making models for America for more than 30 years.

Silent Thunder Models Hundreds of museum quality desktop display airplane models, as well as, ships, submarines, military, commercial airlines, private aviation and NASA space models. Custom models too. High-quality handmade mahogany scale models of military and civilian aircraft: prop and jet-powered military, foreign military, helicopters, airlines, and spacecraft. They also offer ships, aircraft carriers, and other vessels such as submarines. They’ve been producing models since 1988, and they stock over 1000 of them.

Westway Aviation Models Aviation models made to order from 1/100 to 1/20, from small desktop models to large cut-aways. They can replace missing and broken parts, make repairs, or perform a full restoration of all models. They have provided moulds and mouldings for Star Wars, Moonraker, Flash Gordon, and Doctor Who films.

Wind Tunnel Models A selection of beautiful wind tunnel models, presented by Aviation Dream. These make wonderful display objects of art.

Wooden Scale Models An online site that sells aircraft and helicopter models made from mahogany. Custom orders are also accepted and this can be done for civil or military versions.

Diecast Aircraft Model Sites

400 Scale Hanger A website about 1:400 scale die-cast aircraft models featuring reviews of different models, a new releases section, a place to submit your reviews, a monthly poll and a quiz.

Aces High Collectables UK company specialising in the supply of aviation die cast models and general aviation memorabilia. Offering a large selections of die cast airliner models in multiple scales.

Aiken’s Airplanes Thousands of die-cast aircraft and armored vehicles in small to large scales, mahogany desk top models, and other aviation models and gift items. A full-service online store with shipping world wide daily. They popular lines of models including Franklin Mint, Corgi, Hobbymaster, Century Wings, Dragon Wings, Marushin Models, and many more.

Aim Higher Jets Diecast military and desktop mahogany models. They are official retailer of all Century Wings, GeminiMacs, GeminiAces, Gulliver 200, Carousel1, Sky Guardians, and Hobby Master diecast model products. Customized mahogany models too!

Airplanes and more A source for collectible military diecast aircraft, as well as related aviation and military items with an emphasis on World War II. A retailer of premium quality diecast civilian and military aviation models, rendered in a variety of scales from 1:400 to 1:18 scale. Brands include Aeroclassics, Dragon Wings, Dragon Space, Euroclassics, Latin Classics, Geminijets, Gemini200, Phoenix, Hobby Master, Jet-X and Hobby Master Airliners.

Crossroads Diecast A wide variety of collectible diecast, including military aircraft, construction, and motorcycles. Offering The Franklin Mint, Corgi, Norscot, and Eagles International. This is a site by a collector of diecast airplanes, from 1/50 scale Douglas Aluminum models to 1/400 scale diecast. The huge collection (with photos) includes models by Pacmin, Douglas Aluminum, Verkul, Raise UP, Geminijets, Aeroclassics, SMAC, Dragon Wings, Jet-X, Inflight200, Geminini200, Black Box, Green Box, Retrojets, Aerojets, Phoenix400, Phoenix200, Herpa400, Herpa200, and Hogan Models. The photos are arranged by scale, then model manufacturer, then airframer or aircraft. You’ll also find spotting photographs and a memorabilia collection, mostly for the DC-9.

Diecast Airplane Diecast airliners from Gemini Jets, Star Jets, and Dragon Wings; Diecast warbirds from Corgi, Motormax, Skywings, Air Command, Realtoy, Model Power, HotWings, and Dragon Wings Military. This active forum covers model news, releases, and reviews, as well as sections for model aircraft collecting (by scale), custom models, model airports, shows and events, and even 1:1 scale commercial and military aircraft.

The Diecast Aviation Web Site and Forum A Website and forum for discussion of all diecast aviation related issues – from Corgi to Dragon and Warbirds to Civils.

The Diecast Junkie Die cast models for discerning collectors with a focus on customer service and value. Brands in stock include Hobby Master, Century Wings, Jet-X, Gemini Jets, and more.

Diecast Wings Network An independent website designed to bring the model collecting community together by providing collectors with a listing of model collecting websites.

Dragon Models Limited Maker of Dragon Wings, 1:400 highly detailed diecast aircraft models.

Drop Zone Diecast A purveyor of decast military model: Hobby Master, Sky Max, Falcon Models, GeminiACES, Canadian Heritage, Corgi, Century Wings, Easy Models, Sword, TWH and Panzerstahl.

Filadelfos Hobby A small Long Island, NY shop that carries diecast and plastic models, as well as action figures, games, miniatures, props and replicas, aviation and military collectibles.

The Flying Mule Specializing in highly-detailed, historically accurate diecast model airplanes from Corgi, Dragon Models, Model Power and more.

Gemini Jets, Inc. Maker of detailed, 1:400 scale diecast airliner replicas.

Hobby Master Collector This is a site with photos, news, updates, and much more for all the die-cast model aircraft and vehicles that Hobby Master and SkyMax Models (a Hobby Master Ltd. company) produce.

Just Plane Fun Model airplanes and other great diecast and aviation related items with a low price guarantee.

Military Toy Shop Diecast and plastic detailed, historically accurate airplanes, helicopters, and military vehicles from 21st Century, Dragon Models, BBI, Witty Wings, Admiral Toys, Model Power, Hobby Master, Corgi, Franklin Mint and others. (Site requires cookies enabled.)

Old Planes An Italian manufacturer of historical diecast aircraft models.

Randy’s Diecast Diecast aircraft models for sale, from WWI to present.

RW Hobbies Specializing in limited edition, collectible diecast airplane and plastic model planes. An authorized online retailer for Cobi, Corgi, Gemini Jets, Herpa, Hogan, JC Wings, Phoenix, and Skymarks

Schabak Metal diecast aircraft models.

Schuco Aviation Premium die-cast, limited edition models in 1:200 and 1:500 scale and high-quality military models for collectors, die-cast with plastic parts, in 1:72 scale. Site in German and English.

Shire Models Thousands of diecast cars, airplanes, trucks and collectibles for sale online.

Showcase Toys Diecast model airplanes by Corgi, Dragon, Hobby Master, The Franklin Mint, and more.

Skyrail Inc. Dozens of diecast model airliners in 1/400, 1/500 and 1/200 scale at discounted prices: Gemini Jets, Aeroclassics, SMA, Inflight 200, Herpa, and more. e-newsletter available.

Tristar Airplane World A large selection of civil and military diecast airplanes.

Warkswings Discount pricing for a selection of diecast models. New releases and older models kept in stock.

Paper and Card Model Airplane Sites

10 Paper Airplanes Free animated paper airplane folding instructions for 10 cool paper airplanes.

airplanegeek Have some of your business cards transformed into a small-scale model of your favorite aircraft. Free shipping within U.S.

Amazing Paper Airplanes Simple as well as unusual designs.

Aviation for Little Folks Teach students the parts of an airplane and how to fold a paper airplane with this NASA Educational On-line Activity from NASA Spacelink. Designed for grades K-4. Download paper models of famous airplanes and also aircraft carriers.

Fiddler’s Green Downloadable paper models (.pdf) of airplanes.

Fun Paper Airplanes A website with free printable paper airplane templates and educational information about flight. Just print the template onto standard 8.5″ X 11″ paper. Each design has fold and cut lines and easy-to-follow instructions. Help get kids interested in science and technology!

How to make paper Airplanes Download an e-book with cut-away airplane parts to print on sheets of paper. Detailed assembly and flying instructions included.

The Online Paper Airplane Museum This site contains over 800 free paper airplane designs, reviews of paper airplane books and web sites, a list of paper airplane book authors, paper airplane contests, and a newsletter.

The Paper Airplane Company This site offers incredible foam paper and foam airplane models, rubber band powered airplane models, and paper airplane books for kids and aviation buffs.

Paper Airplanes A paper plane enthusiast (and Guinness record holder) offers many interesting resources, including paper airplane aerodynamics, books, teaching resources, and airplanes you can fold.

Paper Airplane Garage Cut-and-paste and fold-only paper airplanes. Choose the airplane model, choose your color and design, and then print out your plane and instructions. A really nicely done site.

Paper Airplanes 3D Paper airplane flight simulations and interactive 3D animations to fold +50 models of paper airplanes.

Paper Airplanes and Paper Boats Free instructions and diagrams to make several models of paper airplanes and paper boats, with interactive 3D animation to guide you, step to step, in the construction of the models.

Paper Craft This interesting site has some paper plane content.

Paper Model Store Specializing in Polish and Eastern European paper models. They carry a wide assortment of new, out-of-print, and collectable paper models from such publishers as Maly Modelarz, GPM, Fly Model, Model Card and Kranich.

Paper Pilot: Battle of the air This is just about the coolest “paper” airplane page you’ll find. You select one of three paper airplane types, then pick paper weight, elevator angle, and winglets. Next, you practice “throwing” online by varying the angle and force of throw to get the greatest distance. Finally, you “compete” with others that you select for the contest. It’s all great fun!

Raiwong Paper Models 3D paper models of aircrafts, and any other thing that can be represented on paper.

Scale Paper International Paper models of (not only) airplanes to download or to order by mail. Models range from simple paper airplanes to extremely detailed models with over 3000 parts.

Zeist Bouwplaten – Card Models This source for card paper models offers 7 airplane models in the series Paper Trade: U2, Stiletto, Bantam, Gloster Meteor, Fokker F VII, Constellation, and Boeing 747.

Model Airport Resources

Airport Designs Precision engineered card models to enhance your model aircraft collection, your model airport, or to display individual aircraft models to their best advantage. Models are currently available in 1:400 and 1:500 scales and are suitable for use with all model aircraft at those scales.

Jets-N-Toys JNT is an “Aeronautics Webcenter” offering high-realism model airport ground foil, as well as Herpa and Gemini Jets. Scale model airport enthusiasts can create photo galleries and an airport blog. The site contains news, discussion forums, and an airport workshop.

Airplane Model Decal Specialists

BelDecal Custom water-slide decals and transfers for trains, planes, automobiles.

Custom Model Decal Manufacturer of custom water-slide (water slip) model railroad decals and transfers for trains, planes, and automobiles. Premium grade water slide decal paper. Make your own custom decals with your inkjet printer.

Eagle Strike Productions ESP is a maker of high scale model aircraft decals in 72nd, 48th and 32nd scales. They are also the North American representative for Aires Hobby Models.

FlightDecs A mail order hobby company that offers modellers a one-stop shopping site for military aircraft decals.

Tally Ho! A supplier of quality decal sheets.

Tauro Model Decals for model airplanes in various scales (1:72 – 1:48 – 1:32), principally of the Italian Air Force. Also, plastic model kits in 1/48 scale, and resin aircraft in 1/72 scale.

Modeling Blogs and Podcasts

Kato’s Blog It’s in Japanese and it’s about scale plastic airplane models. Films and DVDs highlighting little known chapters in aerospace history from materials unearthed from the National Archives, NASA, and military sources. Source films are transferred to digital. In most cases, they’re using film that hasn’t been seen in years, and in some cases it’s never been seen before by the public. If you’re an historian, a model builder, or an aerospace enthusiast, you’ll find something exciting here. Podcasts of model notes created from DVD and other content are available for download.

Scale Modeler’s Blog “Incoherent mumblings from the modeling table.”

Free Flight Modeling Resources

Free Flight Web Ring Dedicated to the promotion of Free Flight Model Aviation: indoor, outdoor, competition, Flying Aces Club, or just for fun. Any power is accepted: rubber, gas, electric or other. Not for non-flying modeling or radio control.

National Free Flight Society Information about free flight modeling with material for newcomers and beginners in the hobby and sport. The competition section has contest schedules, results, pictures and links for weather and directions to many of the most popular flying fields. Browse through pictures of models and modelers and shop for publications and plans.

Soaring Composites Providing modelers with high performance composites models: Slope, F3F, F3B, F3J, DLG, F5B, Pylon, Thermal, Speed, Duration.

TailSpin Aviation Offering laser cut kits, unique tools and supplies for the free flight enthusiast. They carry kits for all skill levels as well as rubber, props, winders, lube, bearings, tissue, condenser paper, pinclamps, and more.

Other Modeling Resources

Academy of Model Aeronautics This model sport aviation organization offers information, competitions, programs, links to AMA Districts, SIG Web sites, related organizations, and other aeromodeling sites.

Airbrush Model Airplanes Learn how to airbrush model airplanes with a printable electronic book (ebook). It covers airbrush types, compressors, how to choose the paint, how to spray the paint step-by-step, preventing airbrush problems, how to do special effects like weathering, and more.

Aircraft Resource Center An online webzine devoted to the art of model aircraft construction. Walk around photos of real aircraft, reviews of kits and accessories.

Aircraft Specialises in selling photo-CD walk-arounds of mainly military and experimental/prototype aircraft, but also sells prints, out-of-print books, and other scale documentation. They offer full online ordering and payment facilities, and will ship worldwide.

The Aircraft Walkaround Center This page is for model aircraft builders with a special interest in technical functions and detailing. Photographic reference material, including a collection of photographic walkarounds, over 1800 links, and 1400 pictures covering 131 subjects.

Areca Deizi Agrindo Indonesian supplier of wood, especially balsa wood. Long term business contracts accepted.

The Balsa Store Providing quality balsa products, manufactured in their own factory using raw balsa logs imported directly from the plantation forests in Ecuador. They cut, size, and sand these logs into the most common sizes used in the modeling industry.

CGN-Wings A good collection of very realistic model airplane photographs.

Cocardes French aviation modelling site.

EZ-Rays Tiny, cool running, waterproof, safe and efficient LED lighting solutions for model builders, architects and miniature applications.

Fastener Express Offers miniature hobby fasteners and screws, metric socket screws, machine screws and aluminum fasteners in a variety of materials and finishes.

Filla-Glu A range of adhesives and ancillary products for hobby / model & war game enthusiasts. Clear and black, rubber toughened, high viscosity adhesives for high strength bonds that resist shock, high and low temperatures and humidity. Especially suitable for bonding dissimilar materials together that have different thermal expansion co-efficient.

Flying Model Review This site is devoted to model airplanes, covering all types of models from beginner to the most advanced flyer, gliders, rubber powered, IC powered, electric, jet, free flight, and radio control. You’ll find solid modeling information, tips, videos, model aircraft workshop info, a forum, and photo galleries at this site.

Foam Model Aircrafts This website has useful information, tips, and hints about foam model aircrafts, RC airplanes, model/RC aircraft products and resources, and types of modelling foam material suitable for building model aircraft.

Hip Pocket Aeronautics This site examines what it takes to build your own radio control airplanes, control line airplanes, and free flight airplanes. Their focus is on helping you understand that you can learn about, and enjoy, model aeronautics from a builder’s point of view.

HOBBY+PLUS Paints, navigation lights, decal sets, and accessories for aircraft, helicopter, and other scale models.

The International Plastic Modelers Society (USA) Member information, events, chapter directory, related information.

Internet Modeler A monthly magazine devoted to aviation, armor, ships, cars, and other scale modeling. Model building review articles, new reviews of the latest scale models, and detail sets.

Kit Hobbyist An information portal for the plastic model kit enthusiast: vendors and manufacturers, mail lists, features, clubs, events, message boards, books and magazines, resources, photo gallery.

Luthier’s Friend A small precision sander that fits on any drill press. Originally intended for instrument makers, this sander is suitable for model makers and R/C builders.

Masterpiece Models LLC A full service specialty fabrication shop, specializing in last minute and rush jobs: prototypes and replicas for private collectors, museums, and trade shows. Presentation models, educational models, arbitration models, architectural models. Also available are mold making, casting, and vacuum forming. Limited run and full production services.

Micro-Mark Mail-order source for hard-to-find tools and supplies. This site features information on model airplanes from various manufacturers. It also allows you to compare prices on kits. A site for Australian modellers to buy and sell items through auction (similar to eBay except that it is for Aussie modellers only). Die-cast, plastic, radio controlled, etc. It is free to list and bid as well.

The Model Zone International forums and resources catering to all model types, from die cast to remote control, militaria to trains. All scales and gauges discussed, fun friendly forums for the beginner to the seasoned enthusiast.

Modeling Madness A great modeling review site.

The One True Scale A free e-mail newsletter for 1/200 scale model aircraft enthusiasts, including news on a range of short run models from such makers as Eclipse, HBM, VK, X models, Metalmodels, Cloud Break Models, Shed Models and many others.

RollModels An online catalog with kits, models, decals, accesories, etc.

Sailplanes Unlimited Large scale sailplane information: product pages, articles and tips, and pilot reports, scale events calendar and scale flying news, online dictionary of German sailplane modeling terms, message board, scale classifieds.

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