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Site Submission Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is adding my site really FREE?
A: Yes! We ask that if you have a website that you return the favor and post our site link on your site as well.
Q: How can a site get added to myAviationHUB?
A: Simply use the form above.
Q: What kind of sites can be added to myAviationHUB?
A: Pretty much anything related to aviation, but try to keep it to that theme. If the topic is really unrelated, don’t expect to have your site listed.
Q: What kind of sites cannot be added?
A: We are an aviation servicing site so that speaks for itself. We will not post anything inappropriate.
Q: How do I find out if my site is already listed?
A: Try your site name in the Search page. Start out with the entire name in quotes. Note that a newly added site might take a few days to be indexed.
Q: I submitted a site, but it has not been added. Why?
A: Could be a number of reasons. Site updates are usually made weekly and sometimes the backlog is large. Your site might be prone to crashing browsers, or it might load too slowly to be usable. Objectionable content is another reason for rejection. Sometimes people submit an URL with a typo that I cannot figure out, then don’t respond to my e-mail asking for a correction. Submitted sites that don’t fit into the theme of this site will be rejected. Finally, if your site has no real content and is simply a shell for Google ads, don’t expect me to add you.
Q: Do sites need to be in English to be listed?
A: No, but our System can translate up to 30 different languages. We suggest submitting in English and letting the viewer translate into their language. Also, tell us what languages you speak.
Q: A site is listed, but the description or section doesn’t seem right. Can it be changed?
A: Sure. Contact us and suggest a correction for the description or the section.
Q: Can a site be listed in more than one section?
A: Yes, if it fits the intent of more than one section it can be listed in several.
Q: Who has final say over what is listed in the directory and how?
A: myAviationHUB